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  • It’s Spanking Time

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    Adult Only 18+ with soft BDSM

    Alicia needed a spanking so she called the Professor. When she spoke to him, he stated that he would be happy to oblige. She hung up the phone ecstatic, and hurried to get dressed for the occasion.

    She decided on a black leather skirt, satin purple button up blouse, black leather bra and garter belt, sheer black stockings, with black leather, thigh high boots. Pinning her hair in a bun, Alicia checked herself out in the mirror, then hurried over to meet the Professor at his hotel suite.

    When he answered the door, he looked Alicia up and down. Once he was satisfied with her attire, he let her in.

    The Professor fixed some drinks, then joined Alicia in his living area. That is when he asked her why she needed to be punished.

    “Alicia,” he began. “Is there any particular reason as to why you need punishing? Mind you, I love the art of discipline, however there are limits. Please explain.”

    She explained to him that she wanted to feel his crop stinging her ass cheeks as she sucked his huge cock, and that she is very horny. She just craved his attention.

    “Professor,” Alicia said shyly. “In all honesty, I feel I’ve been bad. I’m continuously thinking about your dick in my ass as you spank me. That’s wrong, isn’t it? I don’t know Professor, I really believe I just crave your touch. That’s all.”

    He looked at her and smiled, because he was indeed horny as hell, too, so why not. He shrugged his shoulders and took a sip.

    “Let’s finish these drinks, then we will get started,” he said after pondering what she stated.

    They talked a while longer, then the Professor ordered her to crawl on all fours to fetch his collar, leash, and crop. Obeying him, Alicia got on all fours and crawled to the bedroom.

    As she passed his chair, the Professor smacked her across her ass with his hand. The sting sent pleasurable shockwaves throughout her body! Her pussy became wet with the excitement of him spanking her ass. She hurried.

    Reaching the nightstand, she grabbed everything he asked for, then crawled back to where he was sitting. Positioning herself between his thighs, he directed her to kiss and suck his dick before the punishment would begin.

    Alicia lifted his dick to her lips and kissed it passionately. Pausing so he could place the collar on her neck. When he finished, she sucked the head into her mouth.

    Licking it, sucking it, jerking the shaft, Alicia swallowed as much of his dick as she could. Pulling it out, jerking it, licking and swallowing it until it was hard and ready.

    While she was devouring his dick, the Professor had placed the leash onto the collar, and was ready to begin her discipline.

    He moaned as she serviced his dick, his nutsack swelling. Now with his cock hard, the Professor raised his arm and brought the crop down across her ass cheeks.

    Alicia’s ass was on fire as his crop hit her bare flesh! She winced but continued servicing him. His dick grew harder as he was spanking her ass. Smack! Smack! It was turning him the fuck on!

    She sucked with all her might as his crop came down consistently. Wiggling her stinging, reddened ass in the process, Alicia kept on sucking.

    The Professor grabbed Alicia by her hair suddenly and lifted her face off of his dick. He then stood up and led her to his chamber. He wasn’t ready to cum just yet.

    He led her by the collar and leash as she crawled on all fours. Smacking her ass with each step was driving Alicia crazy. She kept crawling forward.

    Upon entering the room, the Professor ordered Alicia to stand at the foot of the bed facing him. She did as she was told, and he used the dangling cuffs to restrain her.

    The chains on the posts were long enough for Alicia to bend forward, arms outstretched, and that was his next order.

    When she was in position, the Professor stood in front of her. He ordered the woman to suck his hard, black cock. With her arms stretched out behind her, she obeyed.

    Aiming it at her mouth, he shoved forward and began fucking her face. Taking his crop, and smacking Alicia’s ass, he fucked her face hard, deep, and steady.

    Choking and gagging on his dick, she kept trying to take it all in. Her lips sliding up and down the hard shaft as he spanked that ass good.

    Smack! Smack! Smack!

    Spanking and fucking, the Professor was enjoying himself but wanted more. Pulling out of Alicia’s mouth, he walked around the bed, climbing up behind her.

    Her ass was completely exposed for his pleasure. Grabbing her by the hips, he pulled her back to him. Aiming his huge dick at her pussy hole he thrust his hips forward.

    Slamming his dick deep inside her pussy made her scream his name. Smack! His crop came down hard across her ass cheeks, making her grow silent.

    Shoving her hips forward, pulling them back, the Professor fucked Alicia hard and deep. Smacking that ass as he fucked the pussy furiously.

    Pulling his hard, wet dick out of her pussy, the Professor placed the head of his dick at the entrance to her asshole.

    With a hard smack and shove, he entered Alicia’s ass violently! She screamed as he shoved his huge cock deep, then pulling out, then back again.

    The Professor pounded her asshole as he spanked her cheeks, sending shivers up her spine.

    “You craved this, huh?”, he yelled! “You dreamed about this dick, didn’t you? Well here you go!” Smack! Smack! Smack!

    Faster and harder he spanked and fucked her until she came in both holes! Cum running down her thighs, she slammed her ass back to meet his long, deep strokes.

    Shaking her head back and forth, screaming his name as her orgasm coursed through her body. Alicia rode out her orgasm.

    Slamming his dick home, the Professor screamed Alicia’s name, pulled out, and shot his hot cum all over her ass and back.

    Jerking his cock until his balls were empty, the Professor then unlocked the restraints and the two of them collapsed onto the bed.

    They lay there for a while, then got up to take a shower and then the Professor ordered dinner.

    Once everything was ordered, he poured some drinks and they chatted while they waited on the food.

    It was a good evening indeed…

  • The Park Pt 2: From the Park to the Hotel

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    Adults Only 18+

    The Professor was very into Ms. Veronica. Her skills were uncanny, and her boldness intrigued him; he had to know more about her.

    As they made their way to the hotel, the two of them made small talk. They spoke on their likes and dislikes, concerning sex.

    The Professor discovered that Veronica enjoyed spankings, and discipline when she was bad. That was a huge plus for her.

    He also learned that she doesn’t have a problem with woman on woman either. She’s delved a few times and enjoyed it. That also was a plus.

    Veronica learned that the Professor loved disciplining. He never hurts, and only with the willing.

    She also learned that he loved “counseling” women who come to him. Teaching them how to pleasure a man is his favorite lesson.

    If the relationship is broken, he advises and comforts if needed. They all have to want it though. He is never the aggressor.

    They finally arrived at the hotel. The Professor escorted Vee to his suite. There he ordered a meal and bottles of liquor. He loved variety.

    While they were waiting, the Professor poured the last of his Brandy into two snifters. He handed one to Vee, then sat next to her.

    Vee sipped her Brandy, as did he. She then turned to him to ask some questions. That’s when there was a knock on the door. The Professor rose up to answer it. It was Amber!

    “Hey, Professor,” she stated. “I hope you don’t mind me stopping by.”

    “Hey lady,” the Professor said with a grin. “You know I don’t mind. Come in, please. I have company, but feel free to join us.”

    “Amber, this is Vee. Vee this is Amber. Amber is one of my clients. I’ve helped her get her life back together.”

    Vee said, “Hello Amber! Nice to meet you”

    Amber responded, “Hello, Vee. Nice to meet you as well.”

    There was another knock on the door. The Professor proceeded to answer it.

    It was room service with his order. He paid, closed the door and returned to the living area.

    He observed Vee and Amber as the two chatted. He carried their drinks to them once he poured them. He then went and sat in his chair while they chatted on the sofa.

    “Ladies,” he said after a while. “Would you like some dinner? There’s enough for all and then some.”

    The two ladies said in unison, “Sure, Professor.”

    “Good. Vee, you serve the food for us please. Amber, go get dressed appropriately. Dessert is later.” He smiled devilishly.

    Both women looked at each other and smiled. Amber headed to the bedroom, while Vee prepared the plates.

    The Professor relaxed in his chair, watching Vee’s ass jiggle. His dick started rising, so he adjusted it.

    Amber returned to the living area as they sat down to dinner. She had slipped into a lacy black bra, a black garter, sheer black stockings, and thigh-high boots. His dick jumped.

    The Professor had to go into the bedroom to change into something more comfortable. He slipped on his boxers and returned to the living area.

    His cock stood straight out, and both women smiled hungrily. They licked their lips in anticipation for the upcoming fuckathon!

    “Amber,” he said. “What a pleasant surprise! I’m so glad you showed up. Vee and I were just discussing my counseling sessions. She, just as you, is in need of counseling. Let’s do a threesome. What’d you say? Vee…Amber?”

    The two women looked at each other and smiled. They both liked woman on woman, so why not? They nodded in agreement. It was settled.

    “Threesome it is then,” the Professor announced. After they finished dinner, they cleaned up and then relaxed.

    “Let’s get this party started! the Professor said. “You two can begin by eating each other. I’ll watch from the sidelines. Begin.”

    The two women started exploring each other’s bodies. Vee removed her top, exposing her tits. The two women grabbed and squeezed each other’s nipples and flesh.

    Amber began by sucking Vee’s nipples. Vee threw her head back and sighed. She reached down and started playing with Amber’s clit.

    Amber parted her legs wide, giving the woman better access. She continued to torment the other woman’s nipples in the process.

    The Professor pulled on his now hardened cock. He truly enjoyed watching the two women have sex. It turned him the fuck on for real!

    Amber and Vee were really getting into the groove of things. Hands and bodies merging as they moved into a sixty-nine position.

    Vee on top, Amber on bottom. The Professor moaned out loud as he watched. Jerking his dick faster and faster. Playing with his nutsack, he felt his orgasm building. He wasn’t ready to cum yet so he stopped.

    The Professor sat for a minute and watched as pussy lips were parted, and tongues were flailing across clits. He leaned in to get a better view of the action.

    Amber’s pussy was facing him. Her legs were spread wide as Vee feasted on pussy juice and clit.

    Amber held Vee by the ass cheeks, her head raised up with her face buried deep. Both women moaned and sighed as they ate each other out.

    The Professor watched as Vee took Amber’s clit into her mouth. Sucking on it, pulling on it with her lips tight around it.

    As she did, cum flowed from the woman’s wet hole. Releasing it, she used her tongue to lick up the juices. She then stuck her tongue inside and began fucking it.

    Amber screamed as she quickly orgasmed. Bucking her hips up and down as she came. She stopped eating for a minute as she rode the wave.

    Once her orgasm calmed down, the Professor ordered Vee to scoot up and sit on Amber’s face. He ordered Amber to scoot towards the edge of the bed. He was ready for some pussy.

    Vee did as she was told gladly. Amber scooted down as well then grabbed the woman’s thighs and went to town.

    She immediately began flicking the swollen clit. Back and forth furiously as the Professor inserted his huge dick inside her pussy.

    The Professor began long stroking her pussy. In and out, he stroked deep, hitting bottom. It was so hot and he moaned his pleasure.

    Vee moaned, trying to get away as her sensitive clit was being tortured. Cum flowed continuously into Amber’s mouth. She drank it down, then went back to the clit.

    The Professor pumped in and out slow and deep. He had Amber’s thighs in his grip. Long stroking, he hit bottom then pulled back.

    Amber’s pussy squirted as he fucked her. She was on the verge of cumming again as he plunged deeper inside.

    Before Amber came, Vee screamed as her orgasm hit her hard! She tried to get away, but Amber held on tight.

    She sucked the clit, licked it, then drank the juice. The woman rocked back and forth on her face as she continued to cum. When it began to subside, she slowed down.

    Meanwhile, the Professor increased his motion as his orgasm built. He held on tight as Amber’s pussy walls tightened around his cock.

    As Vee rose up off of her face, Amber let out a shrill scream as her orgasm hit strong!

    She bucked up as the Professor down stroked. His dick hit bottom as her walls squeezed. That was all it took.

    The Professor yelled as he shot his load deep. The warmth of his cum sent Amber even higher!

    Both of them fucked harder and faster, riding their waves. The two bodies slapped against each other as they came at the same time.

    Finally, they slowed down as their orgasms eased. Once they were done, the Professor released his grip on her thighs. Pulling out, he collapsed on the side of her.

    Vee had made her way to the top of the bed. She was watching as the pair came together. She was smiling.

    The Professor rose up and ordered everyone into the shower. The women obeyed…

  • The Park

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    I was sitting in the park, pondering my next move, when I noticed a black SUV pulling up next to the ball court.

    As I watched, a very tall man stepped out the driver’s side.

    The man went over to the courts and began shooting hoops. I decided to go over there and watch his moves as he played.

    I became sexually aroused as I watched him move up and down the court. I squirmed in my seat just watching his sexy body move. I needed to think of something to get his attention.

    When he had had enough of practicing, he walked over to where I was sitting, grabbed a bottle of water, and drank it.

    I examined him from head to toe as he stood there. He was built like a god, with firm muscle all over. He nodded when he noticed I was looking him up and down.

    I returned the smile and mouthed the word hello. He smiled even wider and walked over to join me.

    “Hello,” I managed to say out loud.

    He replied, “Hello.”

    I introduced myself, looking into his handsome face.

    “My name is Veronica, but everyone calls me Vee. What about you?”

    He replied with a smile, “Hello there, Vee. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Others refer to me as the Professor. At least, that’s what they call me.”

    “Professor, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

    “It’s a pleasure to meet you as well, Vee.”

    “You’re playing a good game, Professor. Did you participate in school sports?” I had to make some small talk, because he was fine as hell!

    He responded with a smile, “I played a little but decided to take a different route. I just come here to stay in shape now.”

    I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He had a lovely body, a lovely, sexy, deep voice, and a smile that could melt glass.

    The Professor looked me up and as I did he. He seemed to be pleased at what he saw as well.

    “Hey Vee,” he said. “Do you want something from the food truck over there? I’m starting to get hungry. So, what do you say?”

    I was hungry as well, so I said yes and followed him there. We placed our orders, and when I went to pay for mine, he pushed my hand away, paying for everything.

    We chose a picnic table nestled among the trees as our location. It was very secluded, which was ideal for what I had planned.

    The Professor sat across from me and we shared our meals. We discussed the weather, our personal relationship status, and so on.

    The conversation then took an unexpected turn. The Professor asked if I wanted to lie on a blanket and gaze at the sky. Looking at him, I concurred.

    We laid side by side on the blanket, staring at the clouds. We had a good time pointing and laughing.

    The Professor suddenly placed his hand on my thigh. I gasped, but parted my legs so he could see what was beneath my sundress.

    I put my hand on his crotch and gently squeezed. What I discovered made me very hot!

    This man was extremely well endowed. I couldn’t resist, so I decided to take my time and play with it.

    Slowly moving his fingers up my thigh, he discovered there was nothing stopping him from shoving his fingers deep inside me.

    As he did this, I messed around with his fly until it gave way. I reached inside and extracted his massive cock. It was semi-hard and cum oozed from the slit.

    I rubbed the fluid across the head, and lifted my hand to my mouth, tasting his essence. I slid my hand up and down the shaft using his juices.

    I gasped once more as he inserted two fingers into my pussy. Slowly i began rotating my hips.

    Jerking him off slowly, squeezing the head, I tongued his slit, tasting pre-cum. I swallowed it down my throat while placing my mouth over the head.

    Swallowing it down my throat, I drew back, choking and gagging, and swallowed it again.

    When I stood up, his fingers slipped out of my pussy. That was ok, because we would fuck later. But for now, I felt like swallowing his cock.

    Bending over, I devoured his dick again sucking it inside my mouth. Licking, and tasting him, bobbing up and down. Sucking it inside and down my throat. Pulling it out, flicking the head. Jerking, sucking, and swallowing.

    Choking, gagging and swallowing while fondling his balls, I felt them swell.

    I swallowed his dick once more as I jerked him off, sliding my mouth up and down the shaft. As his balls filled with cum, he moaned and groaned.

    Raising up, I straddled his dick I wanted to feel him deep inside my pussy. He appeared surprised but pleased with my decision.

    I grabbed his dick and slid it into my hole. His dick was massive, and stretched my pussy wide. I slid down it until I reached the bottom remaining still in order to accommodate it’s girth.

    Once I felt comfortable, I slid my pussy up, then down, until I could take it easily.

    Slamming my ass up and down, pouncing on his dick, I rode it, riding it like a cowgirl!

    The Professor sat there watching me fuck his enormous dick. I was screaming quietly so as not to draw attention to ourselves as I rode it.

    I bounced my ass up and down on his dick, shaking my head back and forth wildly. Cum kept squirting out the sides of my pussy, lubricating his dick well.

    Grabbing my hips, he slid me back and forth, causing my head to shake from side to side as we fucked.

    As I rode all that dick, the breeze picked up, only adding to my feelings of bliss. His dick erupted deep inside my pussy just as I was about to have an orgasm.

    I came hard, as did he. As I rode the dick, he bucked his hips, fucking me furiously as we came.

    Once our orgasms had subsided, I climbed off his dick and began licking him clean.

    He looked into my eyes as I looked into his. I licked the mess we made off his dick, watching the delight on his face as I did so.

    We both stood up when I finished. I cleaned myself with paper towels and hand soap from my bag. Then I cleaned his dick.

    When we were finished cleaning, we gathered our belongings and exited the park. I followed him to his hotel suite in my car. We’d finish what we started there…

  • The Maid Pt 2

    The Maid
    Adults Only 18+

    Sasha was pleased that he asked her to stay. The Professor wondered why she thought he only wanted sex. Being a relationship counselor, it piqued his curiosity. When they settled down for drinks, he decided to inquire.

    “Sasha, do you mind if I ask you a question?” he began.

    “Sure Professor,” she responded, smiling.

    “Why did you look so sad when we finished fucking? It seemed to me that you believed that is all I wanted, plus the cleaning of course. And that I wanted you to leave afterwards. How come?”

    Sasha felt embarrassed and ashamed at her actions. She had believed he was like every other man she encountered. All they wanted was a piece of ass and a quick exit. The Professor seemed different.

    She finally responded after he touched her on her shoulder, bringing her out of her thoughts.

    “Professor, I do apologize. I’m just so used to men hitting and quitting, that I believed you were one of them.”

    “Ms. Sasha, I’m a grown man, not a little boy. I decided to fuck you because I wanted to.

    I did those things because I like to do them. I also love women, and I treat them with the utmost respect. I would never hit and run. That’s childish. Come on, let’s enjoy ourselves. We have all night, my dear.”

    Sasha was relieved that the Professor respected her. Most men didn’t. She held his hand tightly, letting him lead the conversation.

    They were seated in the living area. Sasha was on the sofa, and the Professor was in his favorite chair.

    He continued to lift her up, bringing back her self confidence. Giving her power back.

    Not only was he a relationship counselor, he was a self healer. He helps others regain their power. He just loves to help others. Especially his “private” sessions.

    When he felt she was more comfortable, he got up and prepared their drinks.

    The Professor poured two snifters of Cognac. He handed her one, then sat down with his.

    As the two of them sat there talking, there was a knock at the door.

    The Professor wasn’t expecting anyone until tomorrow, so he was curious. He got up and answered the door.

    It was Carmen, Brandy, Cinnamon, and Amber. They were a day early.

    The Professor smiled the biggest smile he could muster. Five beautiful women at the same time. Oh yes!

    Sasha stared as the four beautiful women entered the cabin. The Professor introduced everyone, then poured drinks.

    The women welcomed Sasha with open arms. All five women giggled, and talked about tonight’s festivities.

    The Professor was in for a treat. Pussy and ass for days! Titties flopping, asses jiggling, oh hell yeah!!

    As everyone sat around chatting, the Professor tended bar, and had Sasha serve snacks.

    The Professor sat for a moment in his chair, and that’s when things got down right nasty.

    Sasha wanted to thank him for his hospitality, so she knelt in front of his chair and unzipped his fly. She took out his semi-hard cock and began jerking it.

    Using her saliva as lube, she slid her hand up and down. Squeezing the head, and sucking off pre-cum.

    Amber and Cinnamon watched Sasha, and then joined her. They each sucked on a part of their Sire.

    Sasha sucked dick, Amber got under Sasha and sucked balls. Cinnamon played with his nipples, sucking, pinching and pulling them.

    The Professor lay back in his chair, enjoying his body being devoured by the three women.

    As he looked up, he saw Brandy and Carmen in a 69 position. They were eating each other out. His dick stood straight up.

    He wanted to close his eyes, enjoy the three women feasting on his body, but the 69 was too intriguing. He watched closely.

    Sasha choked on his dick as she swallowed it. Amber licked his sweet spot and asshole. He squirmed under their manipulations.

    Cinnamon sucked his nipples which also made him squirm. They were hard and sensitive, and the sensation of his body being devoured was driving him mad.

    He moaned and groaned as he watched the other two women eating each other. He was almost ready to cum. Not yet.

    Carmen and Brandy sucked, licked, and fingered each other’s pussies. Their bodies writhed in pleasure as they sucked each other’s clits.

    The visual stimulation, as well as the physical, sent the Professor over the edge.

    He shouted as his dick exploded cum down Sasha’s throat. She choked and gagged, trying to swallow the load. Amber came up and licked what Sasha couldn’t swallow off the Professor.

    Cinnamon twisted his nipples, driving him insane. Seeing the other two cum in each other’s mouths, turned him the fuck on.

    Once he came down, he ordered all the ladies into his bedroom. It was time to play. The women obeyed.

    The Professor ordered them all to stand in a row. They did as they were told.

    He instructed them each to turn around and bend forward. All he wanted to see was asses up, mouths shut. When he had all five asses in the air, he grabbed his crop.

    The Professor admired all of those asses waiting to be spanked. He didn’t keep them waiting. He brought his crop down hard!

    SMACK! “For being early!” he yelled. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

    “For not having permission to suck, fuck, lick, or touch anything or anyone!” he continued.

    Pacing up and down the row of asses, the Professor smacked them all multiple times.

    “I am in charge! I make the rules! I decide who does what to whom and where! Is that understood?”

    No one said a word. They did not have permission to speak. When he heard silence, he smacked them all again!

    SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! He walked the line, spanking asses. If he heard a whimper, they all got it.

    This went on until he tired. Once he was spent, he sat the crop down. Sitting in his chair facing all of the asses, he rested his arm.

    The asses were covered in red welts. He admired his handy work. He made them all grab their ankles and remain there until he was ready. They obeyed.

    Assholes and pussies were visible. Each pussy dripping juice, each asshole puckered nicely. Where to begin was the issue.

    He wanted them all, yet could he handle them? As he sat there staring, he came up with a plan. “Where to begin,” the Professor thought.

    He stood up and walked over to the first ass facing him. It was Carmen. He rubbed her phat ass cheeks, then tickled her asshole.

    Carmen wiggled that ass, and he smacked it. Since she wanted to be sassy, he lubed her dark hole. Once it was well lubed, he shoved a huge butt plug in deep!

    She screamed at the intrusion. SMACK! The Professor’s hand left a print on her left cheek. She became still.

    The next ass belonged to Sasha. It was so round and sweet. Since he recently enjoyed that one, he decided to just play with her pussy for now.

    Sticking his fingers between her legs, the Professor diddled Sasha’s clit. He pinched, squeezed, and rubbed it.

    Pussy juice covered his hand and finger. Sasha rode his hand until her pussy came hard. She bucked back and forth, grinding her clit.

    The Professor spanked her ass as she came. She had not received permission to cum. Smack, smack, smack!! He repeatedly smacked her ass until her orgasm ceased. On to the next ass.

    Brandy. Sweet, sexy Brandy! The Professor rubbed those ass cheeks gently. Sucking his index finger, he slid the digit into her asshole.

    Brandy jumped, and got her ass smacked. In and out, the Professor slid his finger, fucking her asshole good.

    Brandy wiggled her ass and received smack after smack on her tight ass! This caused her pussy to excrete juices which dripped onto the floor. She continued wiggling, loving the spankings!

    The Professor, was seeing that Brandy was enjoying this a little too much. He decided to grab the crop, a huge dildo and clit vibrating clamp.

    As she kept wiggling, he slapped the clamp on. Turning it to high as the vibrator slammed into her pussy, sent Brandy over the edge!

    Her high pitched scream escalated when he turned the dildo high as well. Fucking the air and dildo, Brandy violently shook her head from side to side.

    All of this made the Professor’s dick hard as steel. Positioning himself behind Brandy, he shoved his lubed cock deep inside her asshole. It was the only hole free, so why not.

    Brandy screamed even higher as his dick slammed home! The sensation from her clitorial stimulation, and vibrator stretching her pussy was maddening.

    Then to top it off, the Professor’s huge dick in her ass was too much to bear.

    The Professor fucked her ass long and deep. Pulling her to him as she bucked around.

    Trying to get away, but failing, Brandy fainted. He smacked her back awake.

    He reached around to remove the clit vibrator, then pinched it for good measure. She came once again.

    Moving his dick in and out, pulling and pushing the vibrator, the Professor fucked Brandy good! He wasn’t ready to cum yet, so he pulled out of her ass. Leaving the vibrator on high, walked away.

    The Professor took the time to clean his dick well, then he moved on to the next ass waiting. Amber.

    “What to do to this one,” he wondered out loud. “Hmmm….”

    The Professor was hungry. He wanted to eat pussy. He grabbed another clit stimulator, with vibrating nipple clamps attached. He also grabbed a butt plug that vibrates. Oh yes!

    Placing everything in place, then climbing underneath her, he turned them all on!

    Amber yelled as every sensitive part of her buzzed to life! The Professor smacked her ass cheeks. He then grabbed her by the hips and pulled her pussy to his face.

    Feeling the vibrating clamp against his face, he stuck his tongue deep inside. Amber screamed as his tongue fucked her already tortured pussy.

    She rode his face violently as her orgasm peaked. From nipples to ass, Amber’s body trembled. The Professor held on, drinking all of her.

    When he felt her go limp, he turned everything off, and lay her body gently onto the floor. He ordered the other three ladies to tend to her.

    He removed all the devices and let them do that. The only one unable to move or speak was Ms. Cinnamon. Oh yes! Sweet, sexy Cinnamon!

    “What to do with, and to Ms. Cinnamon!” he said out loud. Walking over to his gadgets, he grabbed the clit/nipple vibrator, the vibrating butt plug, and dildo.

    Attaching everything in place on her body, he turned them all on high.

    Walking around in front of her, he lifted her head and stated, “Suck my dick.”

    Cinnamon lifted her head, swallowing his dick. She grabbed the shaft and began jerking him off.

    He let her drop to her knees for better leverage. She took it all down, swallowing and squeezing. The Professor closed his eyes as she sucked and jerked him off.

    Cinnamon was going crazy as the vibrations coursed throughout her body. She could only moan and hum as her orgasm built.

    Pulling his dick out, jerking the shaft, licking his nuts, she feasted on her Sire.

    He fucked her face until he grew bored. Moving away, he walked around and snatched the vibrator from her pussy.

    The Professor replaced it with his dick. He thrust forward to the hilt. His dick slammed bottom, sending Cinnamon over the edge.

    She screamed as he pushed forward, pulled out, then in over and over. Fucking her silly.

    The vibrations and his huge cock were too much. Cinnamon screamed his name as she came hard!

    The Professor held onto her hips, slamming her back onto his huge cock. The vibrations from the butt plug, and clit vibrator were sending him higher as well.

    The Professor grunted loudly as his cum spewed deep inside Ms. Cinnamon. This sent them both reeling!

    They fucked each other wildly, as they rode their orgasms. He pulled the chain to the clamps, and Cinnamon yelled loudly!

    She came and came again. He rode it out, pulling out, squirting her backside then smearing into her skin.

    When they came down, everyone sat for a minute to regroup. Once they were done, everyone headed to the shower…

  • The Maid

    Sexy Maid Adults Only 18+

    The Professor was at his cabin. He was preparing for an eventful weekend. Carmen, Brandy, Cinnamon,and Amber were coming for a visit.

    He couldn’t wait to get all those pussies and asses in the same room. He’s always had at least two at a time. But four? He didn’t know if he should jump for joy, or run for cover. All four women were hot, and all had asses and hips for miles.

    He couldn’t wait so the Professor had hired a maid to clean his cabin. She was running a little so he was doing a little cleaning himself.

    All of a sudden there was a knock on the door. When he opened it, his dick jumped hard in his pants.

    There in front of him stood the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in a maid’s uniform. Mind you. He has seen other sexy maids, but this one…WOW!!

    She cleared her throat which brought him back from his visions.

    “Oh, hello,” he said. “I’m known as the Professor. “Your name? And please come in.”

    She stared at the handsome man greeting her, then stepped inside.

    “Hello, Professor,” she managed to get out. “Damn, you’re fine!”

    He looked quizzically, then smiled. They were on the same page. Oh yes! Pussy before the storm.

    “And you are?” he asked again. “Damn those titties!” he thought to himself. He couldn’t take his eyes off of the huge mammaries bursting forth from the top of her dress.

    “I’m Sasha,” she responded. She followed his eyes to her breasts, heaving them on purpose. She wanted some of him, but wasn’t sure if he felt the same. She backed off, so as not to turn him off.

    The Professor looked her all over. Her titties were dangerous. Her small waist disappeared under her mammaries, but her ample hips did not.

    They curved out and we’re well rounded. And when she spun around, that ass was too much. His dick hardened and thumped against the zipper.

    Sasha’s eyes darted downward. She watched as his fly moved slightly. She noticed the huge print and squeezed her thighs together. He made her hot.

    Both parties stared at each other’s anatomy. They both seemed excited and ready. However, the Professor had to be professional…for now. She was on the clock.

    “Ok, Sasha,” he managed to get out. “You can start in the living area. Vacuum, dust, etc…”

    Once you’re done there, you can do the kitchen, then bathroom. The bedroom last.”

    They both looked into each other’s eyes and no words were needed. It was on!

    “Yes, Professor,” she responded, shaking her hips from side to side. Smiling, she pulled out her duster and began working.

    The Professor stood and watched her animated movements. Sasha put on a show. She switched her ass when she walked. Bent over more than necessary, knowing he was watching.

    The Professor also knew she was doing this on purpose. He watched close up as she bent forward. He leaned down to see if there were panties underneath. He saw the strap of a white thong. “Not much resistance there,” he thought to himself. He kept watching.

    When Sasha was facing him, she intentionally bent further so her cleavage was all the way exposed. Whistling and singing, she kept working.

    The Professor was enjoying the show. His dick was hard as steel. The show was turning him on.If only Sasha knew the plan he had for her when she finished.

    Cuffs, chains, feathers, and spanking. Spanking because she teased him well. Chains and cuffs, just because. He kept watching.

    He walked over to the bar and poured a drink. Sitting in his favorite chair, he watched her closely.

    Once Sasha finished vacuuming, she headed into the kitchen. The Professor went into the bedroom and made it ready.

    He could hear her singing in the kitchen. “Oh, my dear,” he said softly. “you’ll be singing a different tune soon enough.”

    As Sasha was finishing up in the kitchen, the Professor waited in the bedroom. When he heard her heading to the bathroom he undressed.

    Grabbing a towel, he wrapped it around himself and followed her. It was time.

    Sasha was cleaning the mirror when he appeared in only a towel.

    She quickly turned around and her eyes moved to the huge lump in the towel. She gasped with delight, not fright.

    The Professor kept silent and closed the door. His eyes were glued on her huge chest. His dick jumped.

    “Sasha,” he began. “We both know we want this. Your attire for one. Your animated movements as you cleaned. The way you stared at my crotch. Am I correct?”

    It took her a few seconds to remove her eyes from that huge bulge! When she finally was able to, she looked him in his eyes.

    “Professor,” she said. “I only know one thing. And that is…” She hesitated, regained her composure then asked, “May I please suck your dick? Damn!”

    The Professor smiled and walked over to the shower. Turning it on, he turned and said, “After you my dear.”

    Sasha didn’t hesitate. She took off her black stiletto pumps, her stockings, then she stood up straight.

    Slowly, she unzipped her maids dress from the front. As the zipper passed her huge cleavage, her titties spilled out. The Professor licked his lips and smiled.

    Down to her hips, the zipper opened. When she removed the dress, her entire body was exposed.

    The Professor stared at her curves. Her body was perfectly proportioned. Every part is neatly in place. His dick jumped at the sight.

    He stepped aside so she could enter the shower. He turned towards her and dropped his towel.

    Sasha’s eyes grew wide as saucers! “Damn! This man is hung like a horse!” she thought to herself.

    He turned on the water, and she dropped to her knees in front of him. The Professor observed and said nothing. He wanted to experience her oral skills before he gave her the dick.

    At first, Sasha stared in awe at the huge dick in her face. Then she bent forward to kiss the head. The Professor watched.

    Sticking her tongue out, she licked the head, rolling her tongue all over it. Worshiping it.

    Sucking the head inside, Sasha ran her tongue underneath the shaft, caressing the vein. The Professor sighed, and relaxed a little.

    She sucked the head down her throat. Swallowing, squeezing the head. Pre-cum oozes down her throat. She swallowed hungrily, then pulled the cock from her mouth.

    She began kissing it from head to balls. Kissing and licking the shaft. Kissing, licking, sucking the dick down to his balls.

    The water cascaded down onto the Professor and Sasha. The sensation sent waves of pleasure through his and her bodies.

    The Professor was very pleased with her dick sucking so far. He wondered if she swallowed.

    Sasha sucked his nuts into her mouth, caressing them gently. She sucked on them, rolled them around in her mouth, and popped them out.

    Sucking them back in, she licked them all over, slowly, then back out again.

    She stuck her tongue underneath and licked his sweet spot. The Professor spread his thighs, giving her more access.

    Sasha licked and poked his pleasure zone, causing pre-cum to leak out. As Sasha held his huge cock up, she licked the juices that flowed from his dick. She swallowed it! This made him smile. She licked her way back to the head.

    The Professor’s cock throbbing in her hand was a sign he was about to cum. His balls were swelling in her hand as well. Sasha swallowed the head, and most of his dick.

    Choking and gagging, she worked his dick. Sliding her hands up and down the lower shaft. Bobbing up and down, swallowing the upper dick and head.

    The Professor began fucking her face, forcing more dick down the woman’s throat.

    As his cum began its journey up the shaft, he grabbed her behind her head.

    The Professor fucked her throat as she choked and gagged. He pulled back so she could breathe, then back in her throat.

    Sasha did her best to take all of his cock. It was just too much. Choking, gagging, and swallowing, she did her best.

    Seeing her in distress, the Professor eased up some. Just enough for her to enjoy the treat she was about to receive.

    As Sasha was regaining her composure, the Professor grunted and cum shot down her throat. She gagged, but swallowed. He was pleased, and fucked her face slowly as his load emptied.

    His orgasm subsided and Sasha looked up at him as he looked down. He was pleased, smiling as she began licking him clean.

    When she was done, he pulled her to her feet and said, “Not bad!”

    She smiled as he soaped her curvy body. He washed her back and ass first, tickling her tight asshole in the process. She jumped. He smiled.

    As he spun her around, she began to wash him. She soaped his chest and arms, as he did hers.

    The Professor kneeled in front of her to wash her nicely shaven pussy. He put the liquid soap on the wash towel.

    Using the soap and towel, he spread her thighs apart. Slowly he rubbed the towel back and forth. Focusing on her clit, he gently massaged it.

    Moving his hand back and forth, he felt her clit swell. With enough lubricant, he dropped the towel. Replacing it with his fingers, he pinched and rubbed it until it was like a pebble.

    Sasha, not knowing what to do, ground her pussy on his hand. She moaned as he pinched, and pulled her clit. Her legs parted willingly, as he stuck two fingers inside her hot pussy. She gasped.

    The Professor vigorously rubbed her clit as he fingered her pussy. She fucked his hand wildly, shaking her head back and forth as her orgasm built.

    Sasha let out a guttural scream as she came all over his fingers and hands. Bucking her pussy violently as she screamed, “Oh Professor!”

    He kept on playing, enjoying her trying to get away. His finger flicked her clit as she screamed and fucked. Her orgasm began to subside, so he removed his hand.

    Standing up, he held onto her until she regained her composure. When she was ready, they stepped out of the shower.

    Drying themselves off, the Professor began rolling around in his head about what was next.

    Sasha was weak after that intense session. She thought that she was just going to suck dick. She was wrong, but in a good way.

    After they finished, the Professor said, “No need for clothing, my dear. We are nowhere near done.

    Once we take a break, I want you to go into the bedroom and put on the outfit I laid out. Matter of fact, do that now why I prepare snacks and drinks.”

    Curious, Sasha nodded affirmatively, and walked to the bedroom.

    The Professor walked to the kitchen and grabbed a bowl of fruit, some cheese, and wine. When he walked to the dining area, Sasha entered.

    The Professor’s mouth dropped as he placed the food on the table.

    The purple satin bra where the nipples poke through fit those huge titties perfectly. He just had to bow down to kiss them.

    The purple garter accentuated her small waist and broad hips. The stockings looked fantastic on those legs, and the thigh-high boots were the perfect accessory.

    He took a grape and rubbed the juice all over nipple. Bending forward he took it into his mouth, sucking and licking the juice from it.

    He repeated this on the other one. When they were nice and hard, he stood back up and led her to the table.

    The two of them sat down and began eating. They talked about their likes and dislikes when it comes to sex.

    The Professor found out that Sasha loved being spanked. A plus. He also found out she likes women. A huge plus!

    When they finished, they relaxed for a few sipping wine. That’s when the Professor made Sasha aware of what was to come next.

    “Ms. Sasha,” he began. “You have been naughty. You teased the Professor with your animated movements, and gestures.

    You came in looking to devour me. Well, Ms. Sasha, it’s time you learned that the Professor is the only one who decides whether or not there will be any type of sex happening. Do I make myself clear?”

    Sasha sat looking sad. She knew she was being aggressive, but couldn’t help it. He was fine as hell. How did he expect her to react?

    “Yes, Professor,” she responded sadly.

    The Professor looked at her and said, “Now. What I want from you is that you take that phat, sexy ass into the bedroom. Bend over at the foot of the bed with your legs spread, and ass up! Move it!”

    Sasha scrambled to the bedroom and did as instructed. The Professor followed watching that phat ass bounce. Oh how his hand itches for his crop!

    When he entered the bedroom her ass was facing him. He saw asshole, and pussy! Damn what a view! She received another plus.

    He stared for a few, dick standing at attention. He took off whatever he had on and quickly walked to the bed.

    He placed fur cuffs on both her wrists and legs. He fastened them to the posts, made sure they were secure. Once he finished checking, he walked over to his toy table. He grabbed the lube, crop, feather, butt plug and vibrator.

    Walking over to Sasha, he lubed her asshole first. Satisfied, he sat it down. Taking the butt plug, he pushed it in. Sasha moaned and he smacked her ass with his hand.

    “Did I say you could moan?” he asked angrily.

    Sasha didn’t know if she should answer or not. His hand stung, so she remained silent.

    SMACK!! SMACK! SMACK! He brought his hand down across her nice ass hard!

    “You may speak!” he said angrily.

    “No, Professor!” she responded.

    “Only speak when I give permission. Only cum if you have permission. Do NOT MOVE unless I say so! Is that understood? You may answer.”

    “Yes, Professor,” she replied.


    He continued to insert the butt plug into her asshole. Once it was in he turned it up to high.

    The vibrations shocked Sasha, and she jumped and moaned, again. This time he grabbed his crop.

    SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Sasha remained still and silent. Once she became still, the Professor grabbed the feather and the vibrator.

    Before he inserted it, he ran the feather from her clit to her pussy. She remained still. He smiled, then held the vibrator on her clit. He turned it on high.

    Sasha was suffering. Her asshole was stretched to the hilt. Her clit was screaming, her pussy gushed juice, but she held her orgasm.

    The Professor was enjoying this. He could see she was in distress, but oh well!

    The Professor checked the butt plug. It was secure. He took the vibrator from her clit and shoved it into her pussy. It was too much!

    Sasha couldn’t hold back any longer. Her scream was shrill and guttural. The Professor jumped, not expecting that!

    He watched as she bucked, shook her head violently from side to side. He grabbed the crop, and while she came, he spanked!

    “I did NOT give permission to cum, nor scream!”

    SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! He kept spanking. She kept cumming! That’s when he remembered she loved spankings. He obliged.

    He spanked her while tickling her nipples and clit with the feather. This was driving Sasha insane. She had never had it this good before. She was enjoying it!

    Cum poured onto her thighs, and the towel underneath. The Professor spanked and tickled until he couldn’t any longer.

    He sat the feather and crop on the nightstand. He then walked behind Sasha and grabbed her hips.

    Her orgasm was just now calming down. The Professor took the vibrator and lay it down. His dick was in distress and needed relief.

    Aiming the head directly at her pussy, he shoved forward. With the vibrations from the butt plug, and her tight walls squeezing his dick, the Professor almost shot his load instantly!

    Maintaining control, he began slow stroking. Her pussy walls were squeezing his shaft as he plunged and pulled back.

    Sasha was in another world. The pain of the smacks, the vibrations and stretching of her asshole were intense. His huge cock in her pussy made it even more so.

    She held her second orgasm, but it was straining to release. Her pussy sucked his cock inside. He hit bottom which made her squirt. She wanted to fuck back. But, she dared not move.

    The Professor pulled her back to him, then pushed her away rhythmically. Fucking her pussy was a delight.

    The walls sucking his dick, the vibrations from her asshole, and the welts on her ass was too much.

    He yelled, “Cum now, Sasha! Ride my dick! Back that phat ass up! Fuck me!”

    Screaming he came as did Sasha! They fucked each other furiously as their orgasms continued to flow.

    Faster and faster he fucked, grabbing the crop! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!!

    Sasha screamed as the sting from the crop sent her over the edge once again. She backed her ass up faster and faster!

    His dick hit bottom, she squirted which sent him over the edge, again.

    He rode her until he couldn’t any longer. Sasha rode his dick until she collapsed onto the bed.

    The Professor fell on top of her, and there they lay until they could move again.

    The Professor rose up and removed the butt plug, and cuffs. When everything was off, he smacked her ass joyfully and ordered her into the shower.

    He followed, and they cleaned their bodies thoroughly. Once done, they got dressed.

    It was well past Sasha’s quitting time. She worked for herself, so there was no one to get mad at.

    She wondered if this was it. Whether or not he would let her stay, or come back soon.

    When they walked into the living area, the Professor turned to face her. He spoke softly, but firmly.

    “I truly enjoyed my day with you, Ms. Sasha. Here is your cleaning fee, plus a huge tip just for you.”

    Sasha smiled and thanked him. Sadly she walked towards the door.

    “Where are you going? Do you really have to leave? How about dinner, drinks, a movie, and more fun later? What do you say? Can you stay?”

    Sasha turned to look into his eyes. She saw he was sincere about this, and hugged him tightly.

    “Of course. I’ll stay, Professor,” she said with a huge smile.

  • Cougar Chronicles: The Ending

    Photo by Nicky Pe on
    Adult Only 18+

    Marcus, too, was enjoying himself, also wishing this night would never end. He was enjoying the pleasure he was giving and receiving.

    He was happy he had suggested they all do this together, for he was in need of release. He hadn’t been with a woman in a while and Delores was the type of woman he had wanted to experience.

    An older woman who knew what to do, and could teach him new tricks. He loved to learn about sex, and to teach women how to please him just the same.

    He imagined the three of them living together, fucking as much as they desired, and sharing everything. What could he do to convince them to consider his offer?

    His place wasn’t bad, and if they wanted they could live separately but share each other. He would think of something. He had to.

    He looked up as they approached him smiling. He was curious as to why.

    “Marcus, we have some great news! Are you ready to hear it?” Derek says, smiling even broader.

    “Uhh…yeah, sure!” Marcus responded timidly.

    Derek began, trying to phrase what he had to say perfectly, “Delores and I are going to be a couple. We have also both decided that we want you in the relationship with us.

    We really like you very much, and there is so much the three of us can learn from each other that it is only right.

    We both feel very deeply for you, as we know you do for us. Let’s do this man!”

    Elated, Marcus felt such relief. He didn’t even have to try and convince them. They felt the same way that he did, and he was very happy indeed!

    “Yes!” he exclaimed. “I am so happy right now! I wondered if the two of you felt the way I do! This is the best news I’ve had in a long time!

    We can get to know each other while you are still here, Delores. Give you the best damn vacation you could ever experience!”

    Delores smiled for she had found what she had searched for; the love that had escaped her for these 10 long years.

    She hugged them both, and became excited once again. She felt them rise to the touch and without saying one word, the three of them headed into the bedroom for a long night of passionate love making. What a night they had!

    For the next 2 weeks, Delores, Marcus, and Derek enjoyed themselves very much. They went to the beaches, clubs, the finest restaurants, and some of the tours offered.

    Delores was exceptionally happy. She hadn’t had this much fun since her and Daryl had traveled the world over 10 years ago.

    Thinking about Daryl saddened her and Derek and Marcus noticed immediately. They were in an open cafe on the beach sipping their frozen drinks, having a great afternoon sit down.

    It had been a great 2 weeks, but the time had come for Delores to depart only to return in 3 weeks once she got herself together and took care of her business.

    They all were feeling sort of down about this, but they all kept the happy demeanor about themselves.

    “Delores, are you ok? You seem a little distant?” Derek asked.

    “Yeah, you do look a little distant,” Marcus said.

    Delores looked at both of her young men and smiled, “Yes, I am a little distant today. The time is coming where I will have to travel back home, and inform Daryl of my decision. I guess it is sort of bothering me, especially since we have 20 years of history between us.”

    Both men looked at each other and then turned to face the beautiful woman who sat before them.

    They admired how she carried herself, took care of them in every way, and respected them for all they have done for her on this trip.

    They knew the history between her and Daryl, and both men agreed that Daryl was hiding something from Delores, and that it was devastating to their relationship.

    They decided that they would keep her entertained today so she wouldn’t have to think about her trip home tomorrow.

    They had to come up with something really exciting to do for the rest of today.

    “We understand, and don’t want you to worry about that today, my love,” stated Derek. Marcus nodded in agreement.

    “So today, we have a huge surprise for you. It should help you forget about tomorrow, and live today as if it is your last.”

    Delores looked at them and smiled. They were here to please her, and only her. She adored the affection the two fine men bestowed upon her, and the great sex they shared in private. Both of these men satisfied her every need, and she needed nothing else but them at her beck and call.

    Her mind was made up. She would not go back to the States tomorrow, she would call MerTell, Inc. in the morning, and let them know she would be working remotely from Jamaica, and was relocating to the island.

    For any in person meetings she would fly there, but return when it was over. She didn’t want anything to do with the city, nor with her husband.

    Something had been nagging at her and she believed that her husband had done something he could not reverse when it came to his position in the company.

    It was bad, and she knew it was over between them just from that thought. Oh well! She had tried, and was finally tired of the bullshit.

    Since the guys had a surprise for her today, tomorrow she will surprise them both. Her return flight leaves in the late morning, and that gave her plenty of time to cancel the flight, and knock on the door of their shared home to surprise them. Perfect!

    “Yes sir,” Delores responded. “I will perk up today and enjoy it! So, gentleman, what sort of surprise do you have for me today? You two have these guilty expressions on your faces, and I am feeling like this is something very exciting, and naughty at the same time. So tell me, what’s going on.”

    “No,” Marcus stated. “If we do that, it wouldn’t be a surprise.”

    She pouted but he was right. Why should they tell her now?Derek rose from his chair and called the waitress over to give them their bill. He paid for it, and they all got in a taxi and headed toward their home.

    As they talked and laughed, Delores noticed that the taxi had missed the turn to their home. She became a little nervous, but trusted the young men she had been spending time with, and relaxed.

    Where in the world were they headed to? She pretended not to notice and kept up with the conversation they were having.

    Finally the cab slowed and stopped. Before she could see where they had stopped, Derek swiftly covered her eyes with a blindfold. She began to get nervous.

    “Why am I being blindfolded?” she asked curiously.”

    Shhh…” she heard Marcus say. “It is ok, don’t worry. We will guide you to where we are going.” Derek paid the cabdriver and he drove away.

    It was very quiet and her nerves began to rattle. Where were they? What is this, and where am I being led to? All these questions roll over in her mind as they lead her up the path.

    “Ok…there are a few stairs so be careful and hold on to us,” Marcus stated.

    She obeyed, and they went up stairs and stopped. She heard keys rattling, and felt relieved that they weren’t in the jungle. That was a dangerous place, and yes it turned her on, but she didn’t want to take any chances with the wildlife right now.

    She heard a large door being open and when they stepped inside she could tell they were walking on marble floors.

    “Ok,” Derek announced. “We are here. Let me take off your blindfold. But before I do, I will let Marcus narrate this story. Marcus.”

    “Ok,” Marcus began. “Our Queen, Delores. You have been nothing but fantastic to both of us. We love everything about you, how you act, how you carry yourself, and how sweet you treat us.

    We felt that we owe you the most fantastic life a Queen deserves. You accepted the both of us with our monstrous appendages and immature behavior at times.

    You lifted up two lonely spirits and we wanted to show you our gratitude. So…Derek, remove the blindfold.

    Queen Delores, welcome to your dream home, your palace, our kingdom. This is all ours to live and dream, and enjoy for eternity.”

    When the blindfold was removed, Delores was inside the most beautiful exquisite home she had ever seen!

    Floor to ceiling windows, facing the ocean to the west to capture the Jamaican sunset…the beach, the night sky, all captured from the beautiful living room they were in. She was awed and tears began to flow.

    “Why are you crying?” Derek asked, pulling her into his arms. Marcus hugged her from behind worried that they had done something wrong.

    “Oh I am not sad, gentleman,” Delores answered. “I am ecstatic! Only one man has ever given me such a beautiful gift and he turned out to be an asshole. But the two of you, I know you did this from the heart and I am so happy that I don’t know what else to do but cry! This place is beautiful!

    The beautiful beach style decor sets it off, and the home is just what I dreamed of living in on an island! How can I thank you?”

    “Oh, we can think of something,” Marcus said smiling as he ran his hand all over her nice firm ass.

    She wriggled as her crotch pressed into Derek. She felt his member begin to stir in his shorts. He moaned and she stretched up to kiss his beautiful lips.

    Kissing him while Marcus rubbed her ass had her pussy throbbing. Derek kept her in his arms as he maneuvered them back to the master suite.

    It was furnished with a huge four poster bed that faced more floor to ceiling windows on the West side of the house.

    There were all sorts of gadgets mounted and placed around the room for their deviant sexual pleasures.

    No one could see into the windows because the outside was tinted. They could push the button and open the windows all the way so they could feel the air on their naked bodies as they indulged in their sexual pleasures freely.

    There was a huge bathroom attached to the suite which had a huge walk-in double shower, and hand held shower massagers.

    Derek led them into the bathroom to the shower. He and Marcus undressed their Queen, and then undressed themselves.

    As Delores played with both of their huge cocks, Derek reached in and turned the water on getting it to a comfortable temperature. Then when it was ready, all three of them walked into the shower and let the water run over their naked bodies.

    Marcus was behind Delores rubbing soap on her back and backside. Derek in front of Delores rubbed soap on her frontside.

    Marcus was massaging her ass and asshole, while Derek massaged her massive breasts, and beautiful shaven pussy. His hand ran over her clit and it began to get hard.

    He felt this and reached for the handheld. He turned the sprayer until it shot out a steady stream and her eyes grew large. She didn’t notice that Marcus had also grabbed the other handheld.

    They led her to the bench in the shower stall and sat her down gently, spreading her legs.

    “Oh!” she said. “What are you two planning to do with those?”

    They looked at each other and smiled wickedly sweetly.

    “Oh, you just sit there and let us do all the work.” Derek said. He took his shower stream and aimed it at her sensitive clit.

    She squealed as the pressure of the water pounding her now hard swollen and throbbing button.

    “MMM mmm…that feels so good!” Delores exclaimed as her body responded by trying to get her pussy closer to the water.

    The sensation was intense and her clit wanted more. As she did this, Marcus pointed his handheld at her breasts and let the individual streams of the shower spray hit both her nipples at the same time.

    This made her body convulse and she came so hard that they had to hold her down. She screamed and writhed trying to get away but they held her in place.

    The sensation was so intense that she actually passed out in the shower. They respected this and turned off the shower.

    They were both ok with her passing out from the pleasure. Both of them dried her limp body off, careful not to wake her just yet.

    Once she was dry they led her to the bed, laid her down and cuffed her arms and legs to the bedposts for when they returned from the shower.

    They let her sleep there and went to finish their cleaning ritual. Once they were done, they returned to the room in time for Delores to awaken.

    She woke up slowly and tried to move. She was restrained and almost panicked. She saw her two young princes standing on each side of her and she relaxed.

    She saw that Derek had a feather in his hand along with a huge vibrator. She turned and saw that Marcus had a crop in one hand, and nipple clamps in the other. Delores began to get wet between her legs.

    She just loved their torture sessions, for they were so good at it that she anticipated them.

    Derek used the feather to run it down from her breasts to her pussy. Marcus clamped on the nipple clamps, and gently slapped her across her breasts with his crop!

    She winced in wicked pleasure as the pain seared through her breasts, and she then felt the vibrator being inserted into her tortured sensitive pussy.

    “Oh my…yes!” she screamed as the intruding device was turned up to full vibrate.

    With the feather tickling her clit, the vibrator fucking her pussy, the nipple clamps being pulled, and the crop coming down across her abdomen, Delores could not hold back.

    She screamed at the top of her lungs, her body flailing as the sensation sent her higher and higher until she passed out.

    This time they did not let up, and she came to only to pass out again from the pleasure. Screaming and writhing as she did this a few more times.

    Finally when she was out, they removed the restraints and toys from her body.

    Both Derek and Marcus maneuvered her up so Marcus could get underneath her. He played with her asshole to open it up for his huge cock to enter.

    After she was lubed up he inserted the head into her nether region. Delores moaned loudly in her unconscious state as her asshole stretched to receive him.

    Derek climbed on the bed on top of her and inserted the head of his huge member into her dripping wet pussy.

    The sensation of both men entering her brought her out of her former state. She moaned with pleasure as the two young men double-penetrated her body.

    This feeling of being fed in both of her pleasure holes caused her to orgasm like she never had before.

    Her pussy and asshole lubricated both huge cocks which made their thrusts easier to perform. The tightness of both of her holes caused the men to shoot their cream deep inside of her.

    They screamed their pleasure as she screamed hers. The feeling of hot liquid shooting inside of her was the best feeling she had in her life.

    She fainted once again as her body shook from the intense orgasm.

    Marcus collapsed underneath her and Derek crawled off of the top of her laying beside her.

    Marcus scooted from underneath her limp satisfied body, and cuddled her from the backside as Derek cuddled her from the the front. That is where they laid until the sun came up the next morning.


    The next morning, Delores awoke before the young men did.

    They were under the impression that she was leaving today, and she wanted to give them their surprise.

    She headed into the living room and went outside on the balcony and called the hotel.

    She told them to have all of her things sent to this address, and gave them her credit card number to settle her bill. They thanked her for her stay and did as instructed.

    Before she called Daryl with her news, she went into the kitchen and made some coffee. She stood there sipping her coffee thinking about what she was going to say to him.

    She figured out a lot since she had been here. She had a feeling that Daryl had been unfaithful to her in order to climb the corporate ladder.

    She was disgusted and had to end this nightmare before it got out of hand.

    Checking to see if her two Princes were still fast asleep, she headed out onto the balcony once again and placed her call to Daryl.

    The phone rang and he finally picked up.”Hello,” he answered with his sexy morning voice.

    Hearing his voice made her feel guilty and sad for a second, then she recovered her emotions and replied, “Hello Daryl.”

    “Hey baby,” he said, happy to finally hear from his wife. “I was wondering about you, but I dared not call. I know you were thinking about things and I didn’t want to disturb you. How are you feeling?”

    She pulled the phone from her ear for a second, calmed down from that bullshit and placed it up against her ear once more.

    “I am feeling fine, Daryl.” she replied with irritation. “You have the audacity to say that you were wondering how I was? You didn’t give a damn when I was there, so why start now?”

    “Baby,” he began. She cut him off mid-sentence.

    “Daryl,” she exclaimed. “I don’t want to hear anymore of your excuses or lies. Before you even start, I have come to a decision.”

    “Delores,” he began again.

    She continued, “I don’t want to hear anything you have to say. For ten years you have abandoned me in our own home, in our lives outside our home, and any other place we may have been.

    I am tired of being ignored and not getting the treatment that I deserve being your wife.

    I have called MerTell, Inc to let them know that I have relocated to Jamaica.

    I have called the movers to come to the house, pack my belongings and ship them here to me.

    I have also removed my name from our joint accounts, and had yours removed from my account.

    I am done with you Daryl. You can have everything including the house and cars. I will start over here on the island. Enjoy your life, Daryl and may MerTell, Inc. give you everything you deserve. Goodbye, Daryl!” She hung up before he could say anything else.

    Delores smiled because she had done what she said she would do. No more feeling neglected, no more worries of if she was still attractive.

    Because the two young men asleep in the huge bed in their new home make her feel like the Queen she truly was. This made her happy, and now to let them in on her secret.

    She entered the bedroom and saw both her men fast asleep on the bed. She crawled up between them and grabbed a dick in each hand.

    She began to massage the huge appendages to erect and this woke up her two loves. They both looked at her, and then panicked.

    “Oh shit, we need to get you to the airport!” they both said in unison. They tried to get up but she wouldn’t let them budge. She literally had them by their dicks and wasn’t letting go.

    “You are going to miss your flight,” Derek said.”

    “Yes,” Marcus chimed in.

    Delores smiled and said, “My two handsome Princes, I cancelled my flight.”

    “WHAT??” they said in unison once again. “What are you saying, what do you mean?”

    “Well,” she began. “These last 2 weeks were the best I have ever had. I have never been treated with such respect, appreciation and love like you two have treated me.

    I knew if I returned home, I would have to endure the neglect once again and I didn’t want that. So, I decided to cancel my flight.

    I also have all my belongings at the hotel, and back home to be shipped here to our new home. I am here to stay, and no one has a say in any of it. I am yours forever!”

    The two men raised up, looked at her, looked at each other and screamed their happiness for all to hear.

    Their Queen was not leaving and they could live the dream they all desired. Oh yes, this was a great two weeks, and the beginning of a lifetime for all three of them. Each had found one another, and they were together for life…

  • Cougar Chronicles: Chapter 6 The Threesome

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    Adults Only 18+

    Marcus lived in a small but modern beach house facing the ocean. The views were spectacular. He loved the morning light when it reflected off of the ocean and the lights at night.

    The moon light made the water look black and it was so beautiful. He was glad he had moved to the island. It was so peaceful and serene.

    The three of them sat in his living area and danced and laughed, and just enjoyed each other’s company.

    They both made Delores feel so comfortable and welcome that she had kicked off her high heels and sat on the couch with her legs curled up.

    Her dress was hiked up a little and both men were taking in the sight of her beautiful long legs. The splits in her dress exposed her firm thighs and they both were hot and semi erect.

    Derek had to try and hide his erection by placing his hand over it. He didn’t want to frighten Delores nor offend Marcus.

    The time was coming soon when he had to expose the one thing he admired but it seemed to frighten his partners away. He hoped that Delores would accept him and not run. He really liked her a lot, and he also liked Marcus. He seemed like a cool dude.

    Marcus also was embarrassed by his erection. He was well endowed as well and he loved giving it to the ladies. They seemed to enjoy his size and would scream with pleasure as he entered them.

    He took his time to ensure that they were well lubricated. He didn’t want to hurt them because he would not get what he loved and that was some good ass pussy. He loved to fuck and wasn’t ashamed to let people know it.

    Delores loved all of the attention she was receiving. She felt just like a queen, and played the role to the hilt.

    Looking at the two fine ass young men in her company was making her warm between her thighs. She hadn’t had sex in quite some time, and wanted both of these men to take her to heights she had never reached before.

    She didn’t want to give the impression that she was loose or anything so she kept them talking, drinking, and smoking.

    She was in charge tonight and would give both of them the night of their young lives she believed. She was going to teach them some tricks so they could please her in every way, and satisfy her every need. Oh yes. This was going to be fun!

    What she didn’t know was that she was in for the biggest surprise of all! She was unaware of what lay between each man’s legs. Both men were very well equipped for the job.

    Marcus had around 10 inches of man flesh when fully erect. His manhood was thick as well, and most women would try and change their minds about letting him enter them.

    He would comfort and relax them with his expertise in foreplay. He loved to hear them moan when he would kiss them all over and massage their clits gently and then firmly.

    He would get them off before he tried to enter. This gave them plenty of natural wetness so he could slide in slow and easy. That was what he loved…slow and easy.

    Derek…well he was another story. He was very large in that category. He was almost 13 inches long, but he was also a little thick.

    His monstrosity frightened most women away. Some would try and take it, but they would cry from his penetration.

    He didn’t like that so he just steered clear of having sex. He did not like the feeling rejection caused. He truly wanted Delores and hoped she would give him what he craved. The warm moist feeling of a woman’s pussy surrounding his dick would feel so good right now.

    Finally when she couldn’t wait any longer, Delores made her move.

    “Excuse me, Marcus,” she said. “Where is the bathroom? I have to go pretty bad. All of this alcohol is running through me.”

    “It is down the hall to the right,” Marcus said. “Here I will show you.”

    When they made it to the door, Delores thanked him and closed it. She was feeling real horny right now and decided that this was the time to get freshened up.

    She used the toilet then removed her clothes. She turned on the shower and got herself all cleaned up and ready for the night of passion. She wanted everything fresh for her two subjects.

    She picked up her clothes and hung them on the back of the bathroom door. She opened the door and walked out naked and exposed.

    When the two men saw her in all of her glory they almost choked on their drinks. She smiled and walked to the couch and sat down. She then laid back on the cushions with her legs spread wide.

    The two men just sat there in shock. They weren’t expecting her to come back from the bathroom naked.

    And they really didn’t expect her to walk in and spread her legs for them to see the dessert which lay before them.

    This was a turn on to both and their dicks were stretching their pants to the limit.

    When she saw the massive organs trying to get out, Delores became nervous. They had hidden their dicks well.

    She had sort of felt Derek’s on the dance floor, but was unaware of Marcus’. Oh well, she thought. Let’s do this.

    “Am I the only one that is going to participate?” she asked seductively.

    Marcus was the first one to begin to remove his clothing. Derek came out of his trance and began to remove his as well.

    It seemed to him that this woman was going to attempt to take him. It made him very happy and he finished undressing before Marcus did.

    Derek walked over to Delores whose eyes stared wide at his massive cock. But he did not feel ashamed because she was smiling. She loved it.

    This made him smile and relax. YES!! This was going to be the night he would feel woman flesh on his dick once again.

    Delores reached her hand out and grabbed his massive cock. As she did this, she noticed that Marcus had gotten on his knees and was admiring her beautiful pussy.

    It was shaven low but not completely hairless. She loved to keep it that way. Hairs were such a bother.

    She spread her legs wider so he could see the pinkness of her hole. He quickly took his hand and began to massage her clit.

    She moaned with pleasure and placed Derek’s dick at the entrance to her mouth. Slowly she ran her tongue around the huge head and licked it, then slightly opened her mouth and took the head into it.

    She sucked on it as she moved her hands up and down the long thick shaft. Derek moaned as her warm mouth took him in.

    He loved the experienced mouth taking him to heights he had only dreamed of. Back and forth he moved slowly as she kept rhythm with him.

    Delores loved what Marcus was doing to her pussy. He was working his fingers like he knew her body. He was more experienced than she thought at this.

    She was a little disappointed but mostly pleased because she didn’t have to teach him what to do. She could concentrate on the sweet chocolate dick that she was sucking on. It was massive but oh so tasty.

    She loved the manly smell coming from Derek. He was very tasty indeed. She could taste the pre-cum on his manhood and savored it before she swallowed it down.

    “OH YESS…” Derek moaned as Delores worked the head of his dick over with her mouth and hands.

    He had never felt anything this good. Playing with himself when he was alone trying to relieve the pressure was ok, but there was nothing like a woman’s touch when it came to getting off.

    There was nothing like a warm wet mouth to suck all of his juices down when he exploded in pleasure.

    “MMMmmm…” Delores moaned as Marcus continued his manipulations on her clit. She was grinding against his fingers and it was making it hard to concentrate on what she was doing.

    “You like that,” Marcus asked her as he pinched her clit between his thumb and forefinger squeezing gently.

    “Oh yes. I like it,” she answered, removing her mouth from Derek’s cock but not her hands. She jerked on it gently and rhythmically with his thrusts.

    “Oh HELL YES,” Delores screamed as he kept on pinching and squeezing. She was almost at her peak.

    Squirming and moaning as the sensations sent waves of pleasure throughout her entire body.

    “AWWW…” Derek screamed as his first orgasm in a long time washed over his body. Delores quickly turned and sucked him into her mouth.

    He screamed as she sucked the juices from his balls. She swallowed every bit of it and this turned him on tremendously.

    His legs trembled as the waves subsided somewhat. He pulled away and sat down to regain his composure and watch as Marcus worked his magic on the beautiful pussy.

    He wanted to learn from this man because he seemed to know what to do to a woman’s pussy.

    He never expected Marcus, who was as young as he, to have such talented hands. He had her in his hands literally.

    She was grinding and moaning and crying out quietly as he worked his magic fingers.

    “Oh yes yes, yess…”Delores said as she began to reach her peak. She needed this release and it felt like it was going to be a big one.

    Then Marcus stopped and removed his hands. “Why did you stop?” she asked frustrated but not angry.

    He smiled and motioned for Derek to join them. Derek got up and walked over to where she lay spread open and on the brink of orgasm.

    Marcus smiled and rose to his feet. He walked to where Derek had stood moments before and placed his dick at the entrance to Delores mouth.

    She grabbed it and began sucking hungrily. She wanted whatever dick she could get right now. He had made her so hot she didn’t care what was done to her as long as she got off.

    Derek licked his lips. He was staring at the most beautiful pussy he had ever seen.

    He wanted to map every inch of it before he dove in. He wanted to find every place that would make her moan with want when he licked and sucked it.

    He studied hard and then he bent his head to the task. He took the tip of his tongue and flicked it across her clit. This made her arch her hips up and offer him more.

    He took his time and did it again. She snapped her hips up again, wriggling it in front of his face. He smiled and watched her try to reach his mouth. He knew what she wanted but it was time for a little torture.

    Delores cried out for him to please suck her clit but he wouldn’t just yet. He was enjoying watching her when he flicked his tongue across it.

    It just sat there swollen begging for attention. This was a big turn on for him and he began jerking on his dick. It was hard again and ready for action.

    He bent forward again this time taking the nubbin into his mouth and sucking on it.

    “OH MY GOD!!” Delores screamed as she began to orgasm. Her clit was on fire, throbbing as the orgasm hit her.

    “YESSSS…” she screamed bucking up and down as Derek continued sucking. It was too much and she tried to get away but he was not having that. He held on and grabbed her around her hips holding her pussy in place.

    She wriggled, screamed and tried to escape. He held on tight. She almost fainted at the sensitivity, but then he stopped sucking her clit.

    Derek stuck his tongue between her lips and licked and sucked the juices that flowed from her dripping hole.

    This was so gentle and unexpected that she came again, this time vaginally.

    Delores was in heaven and enjoying the feelings she was getting from these men.

    “Oh my GOD…” she said as she came again and again.

    Marcus was just enjoying her hand movements on his dick. She was too busy screaming with pleasure from Derek eating his meal that she had stopped sucking on his member.

    But her hands were experienced and he enjoyed the warm up and down motion she was doing. Fast then slow, then faster again.

    Marcus was about to shoot his first load. He yelled out and Delores turned her head and placed his dick in her mouth.

    Feeling the warmth of her mouth on his cock caused Marcus to explode his nectar into her mouth and down her throat. She gulped and swallowed every drop.

    He withdrew and collapsed where Derek had before watching as he ate her pussy like it was his last meal.

    Marcus was spent, however, he was enjoying the sight and sounds of Derek eating this beautiful woman’s pussy, and hearing her cries of pleasure as she continuously orgasmed and squirted her tasty nectar down his throat, and all over his face. This was better than he expected.

    Derek finally rose from his knees and stood there staring at the beautiful wet, swollen, and hot pussy that was before him.

    He glanced up at the beautiful owner of that gorgeous pussy, and smiled as he grabbed his dick and aimed it for her swollen hole.

    Delores looked into his eyes to comfort him and let him know that it was ok for him to stick his huge, thick cock into her waiting pussy.

    He saw the look and smile on her face and put the head of his dick at her small entrance. He pushed slowly and she moaned loudly as the head entered her.

    Derek pulled out quickly believing he was hurting her. But he was wrong! She loved it and grabbed his cock and stuck the head right back inside. He smiled, relaxed, and then pushed a little further in.

    “OH YESS…YES DEREK!!!” she yelled as she felt the walls of her cunt stretch to accommodate his massiveness.

    He smiled and pushed in a few more inches. This put her over the edge and she began to orgasm, the walls of her pussy squeezing his huge dick.

    He moaned and pushed further until half of it was inside. The warmth of her pussy felt so good on him that he let a little cum out of the tip of his dick.

    He continued to push and finally he had it all inside which surprised him! No woman was ever able to take all of him and that is when he knew he would not let his woman leave Jamaica! He couldn’t do it.

    This was the perfect woman for him, the woman of his dreams! He had to have her, and vowed to convince her to stay.

    He slowly began to move in and out of the warm wet cave his dick was in. She loved it and met every stroke.

    This was so good to her that she did not ever want it to end. This man had the perfect cock; the one she had been searching for all of her life.

    She did not want to leave, and hoped that he felt the same. She would quit her job and stay in Jamaica forever!!

    Now she knew why many husbands and boyfriends did not want their women to vacation here by themselves.

    Delores moaned and came all over Derek’s huge cock. Feeling the walls of her tight pussy on his dick, made Derek lose control and he exploded with such tremendous force that it sent Delores into one of the strongest orgasms she had ever had.

    “Oh fuck!!!!” Derek screamed as he shot his first load in a very long time inside a woman’s pussy! “FUCK!!!”

    “Oh yes!!”Delores screamed as she lost her mind with the strong sensation of his juices squirting deep inside of her splashing against her g-spot which intensified the feeling.

    They both jerked and humped in unison enjoying the flight to ecstasy they both were on. It felt so good and so right to them. And they both knew right then that this was so right.

    Finally coming down from their high, they just held each other for the moment and stared deep into each other’s soul.

    Their minds agreed, and without speaking Delores knew it was over between her and Daryl. When she returned home she would break the news to him.

    She was tired of living the life she lived. It was time to start a new life here in Jamaica with Derek, and if he wanted, Marcus as well.

    Derek saw it in her eyes and smiled because his dream had just come true. He was going to be with the woman of his dreams; a mature woman who loved his monstrosity and could take all of it.

    He bent down and kissed her deeply. She returned his kiss and they held it for a long time, exploring each other’s mouths, and looking deeply into each other’s soul.

    “Yes,” she said when she finally broke away from the passionate kiss. “Yes, I will come back and stay in Jamaica with you.”

    “I am so happy,” Derek responded. “I never believed I could find a woman like you. One who loves every part of me. Thank you, Delores, for being my true love. The one I’ve searched for a very long time.”

    Rising up from their embrace they looked at Marcus. He was sitting there in his world relaxing and enjoying the night.

    They couldn’t wait to tell him the news, but they also realized that Marcus was interested in Delores as well. They would work it out once they all talked it over.

    Delores whispered to Derek, “Let’s include Marcus in this. It just wouldn’t be fair to him, and you seem to like him as well. He is a cool dude, and this could be so much fun.”

    “Ok.” Derek replied. “I was thinking the same thing. He and I can teach each other things we don’t know while we are servicing our Queen.”

    Delores smiled at that and they walked over to him with smiles on their faces. Marcus looked up with a curious stare, wondering what they were smiling about. This should be good…

  • Cougar Chronicles: Chapter 5 Night on the Town

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    Adults Only 18+

    Derek saw Delores as she stepped off of the elevator. He began to get warm and stiffen a little as he watched her walk toward him with a smile.

    Damn! This woman was fine as hell. Her strapless dress covered her huge full breasts and bounced with each step.

    Her curves were accented with the very fitting blue dress she had on which had long splits up the sides to her prominent hips.

    Her calves were firm, and muscular. The sandals she wore showed her well pedicured feet with matching blue painted nails. Derek was turned on and his dick was beginning to rise.

    He had to think of something quick to hide his hardness so that she would not notice the huge bulge in his pants. He was very self-conscious about his manhood because of all the women that ran from him when they laid their eyes on the massive organ.

    Delores noticed the young man who was escorting her that night. She noticed that he had also taken time to get cleaned up and dressed for the evening.

    He had on a nice Caribbean style shirt with thin vertical golden stripes on a cream background.

    His slacks matched the cream color in his shirt, and his sandals also matched his outfit. He was well groomed and his feet were also well pedicured.

    His face had a nice five o’clock shadow and his head was clean shaven. When he smiled she melted at the warmth of it.

    She could see him watching her as she approached and seeing all of the fine masculinity he possessed had her hot in the pants.

    She was curious about what was hidden beneath his thin pants, but kept her glance on his upper body and face because she wanted to be surprised. She hadn’t thought about sleeping with him until she saw him just now.

    Damn!! Delores had never cheated on Daryl, but his lack of intimacy weighed heavy on her mind.

    She needed him to make love to her, but he never had the time. And when they did come together, it was nothing like it was for the first 10 years of their marriage.

    He just did it to get off and would turn over and go to sleep. There was no more foreplay or roleplaying. No cuddling, touching, kissing all over, or oral sex anymore.

    She craved a mouth to cover her warm pussy with a tongue darting out all over her clit. She needed an orgasm bad and hoped that this young man had the same feelings she did.

    “Wow!” Derek said as he looked at her when she stood in front of him. “You look fantastic, Ms. Stephenson! Good enough to eat!”

    She blushed at that last statement. He must have read her mind! Naw…he couldn’t have!

    “Why thank you, Mr. Johnston,” she replied. “You look fantastic as well. I hope you don’t mind me saying, but you also look good enough to eat!”

    They both laughed at that and then Derek grabbed her arm and whisked her out of the lobby of the hotel and hailed a cab for them.

    He told her that first they would be visiting a fabulous Caribbean restaurant which served authentic foods and served the best tropical drinks on the island.

    Then they would head to an exclusive club to dance off the calories. He said the drinks there were the best, and he only wanted the best for her.

    Delores loved how Derek had planned a grand evening, and couldn’t wait to arrive at the restaurant. She was starving and was afraid that he may hear her stomach growl.

    She laughed to herself at the last thought and entered the cab that arrived in front of them.

    Once the cab stopped in front of a very small intimate restaurant she was impressed. She had expected to be taken to a spot where there would be a lot of people, but was happy that it was a small place.

    Derek paid the driver. He held his arm out to her. She put hers through his and they walked inside.

    The host greeted the couple with a smile and escorted them to a private room in the back which had a small intimate table set up for two.

    Delores looked around and noticed the flowers and the champagne cooling on ice. The two flutes looked so fragile that she was afraid they would break in her hands.

    She was seated by Derek and then he walked around to his chair and sat down across from her.

    “This is so beautiful!” she said looking around at all the decor.

    “Only the best for a queen,” he stated looking into her eyes and smiling.

    “Well…I am at a loss for words,” Delores said.

    “And you should be my lady; only the best for the queen in my presence, Ms. Stephenson. No woman should have to settle for anything second best is what I say.”

    “I am flattered, Derek.”

    He smiled at that and asked her if she wanted an appetizer and asked the waiter to please pour them some champagne while they decide on what to eat.

    The menu was full of all sorts of delicious native foods, and Delores didn’t know what to eat and was a little embarrassed. She sighed.

    “Is there something wrong?” Derek inquired, noticing her discomfort.

    “Well, there is so much to choose from, and I am unfamiliar with the different foods on the menu,” she answered nervously.

    “Would you like for me to order the appetizer and then we can decide on our entree afterwards?”

    “Yes, please.”

    “Ok. We would like to start out with a platter of fried dumplings,” he began. For our entree we would like a little taste of everything. Stewed beef, curry goat, and some oxtails.” Derek stated.

    “Yes, sir,” the waiter answered. “I will bring your appetizers to you right away.”

    “Yes, that would be great, thank you. Would you care for anything else?” Derek asked Delores.

    She was so impressed with the mannerisms of this young man she jumped when he spoke to her.

    “No, the champagne will do just fine,” she answered.

    They held general conversation laughing and blushing at all of the statements they made to each other.

    Derek complimented her look while Delores complimented his and his polite mannerisms. Derek blushed, and she did as well.

    They were having a very good time getting to know each other, and you could feel the heat and passion in the room.

    The waiter brought their appetizer and they dug in ravenous from the day’s events. Smiling, laughing, giggling, playing footsies and everything as they waited for the entrees.

    When the waiter brought them their meal, they thanked him and he left the room smiling because he could sense the intimate passion that filled the room.

    He knew that this couple was going to go at it hot and heavy just by the conversation and looks they gave each other.

    He wished he could be a part of it, but that was not going to happen, so he thought. He exited the room with a smile and wondered what it would be like to join them in their night of fun.

    He got off work in about an hour and hoped they would still be there. Who knows, they may even invite him along.

    He could sense their like of him and his service. He kept the champagne flowing, and made sure they had everything they needed regularly. He walked away.

    After consuming quite a bit of champagne, both Derek and Delores were feeling pretty good, and were ready to dance off all of the food and alcohol.

    Derek called for the check. As the waiter brought it in, he smiled at Derek. Derek thought that was sort of strange but dismissed it and paid for the meal.

    The waiter left the room happy at the tip he received. It was time for him to get off work anyway and he wanted to party tonight.

    Marcus had planned to go out on the town as well, and headed to the employee bathroom to get cleaned up and changed.

    Delores and Derek gathered their belongings and headed out of the restaurant.

    Derek stood close to the street to hail a taxi. Delores stood a ways back and stared at the fine ass man who was giving her the time of her life!

    It used to be that way with her and Daryl, but now it was like living with a monk. No more parties, no more fun nights out on the town, no movies or anything fun. All he did was work, come home and continue to work.

    She did not feel sexy and started to believe that maybe she wasn’t that attractive to him anymore either. Maybe Daryl had lost his attraction to her, and this made her feel very depressed.

    She needed this vacation very much. Even though she didn’t come here to cheat on her husband, if she did decide to do this, Derek was the perfect man to do it with.

    He was tall and handsome, and had the perfect demeanor. He treated her like a queen, which she believed she deserved.

    He was very attentive, and he also seemed to be a little shy. She liked that about him and wondered what he would be like in bed. This thought shocked her and she quickly put it to the back of her mind. She laughed to herself.

    As both of them were lost in their own thoughts, no one saw the young man standing in the dark corner right outside the building’s exit.

    It was Marcus, the waiter. He had waited until the happy couple exited the club. He wanted to enjoy the night with them, and he decided he would wait and ask if he could join the two of them.

    As he came out of the dark, Delores stifled a scream. He had scared her, and when Derek heard her he spun around ready to hurt anyone who was bothering her. Then they both recognized Marcus and calmed down.

    He saw the looks on their faces, and the reactions they had. He quickly apologized.

    “I am so sorry to have given you such a scare,” Marcus said. “My apologies, ma’am, I was just waiting around to ask if I may join you in your celebration tonight.

    I hope I’m not intruding or anything, but I love to meet new people and party. By the way, name is Marcus Spencer.”

    Derek looked at Marcus and was a little angry, and a little surprised.

    Why would this person want to hang out with him and his date Delores? What was he up to?

    Derek looked in Delores’ direction and saw that she had the same quizzical expression that he did.

    “And why would you want to join us tonight,” Derek finally asked. “We are on a date and would prefer to do this alone. Aren’t you a little out of line asking that question?”

    Marcus felt a little embarrassed now. He had really not thought about what he was asking and could feel Derek’s point. He began to feel rejected and turned to walk away. What the hell was he thinking?

    Delores, after calming down, saw the sad look on Marcus’ face. She could understand why he wanted to party with them. They were having such a good time, and who knows. Maybe Marcus could join them and help them celebrate her freedom.

    To her, the more the better and who knows, maybe they could all end up spending the rest of the evening drinking and partying.

    “Hold on, Derek,” she finally said. “I know this is our first date, and I am enjoying your company. I believe we can trust Marcus in joining us. Hell I am in the mood for some serious partying, and I may dance you into the ground. Plus he was such a good waiter and seemed pretty friendly. Let’s all go together. He may meet a nice woman and then go off with her.”

    “Hey man,” Marcus said. “I will split the taxi fare with you, and also pay for my share and a couple of rounds for everyone. I won’t be a burden, I just want to have some fun. What do you say?”

    Derek thought about it and thought what the hell! He knew he already had Delores in the bed tonight, and that Marcus could be some extra fun for the night.

    Hell they may all end up having a threesome. He hadn’t done that in a while and he was feeling a little freaky tonight anyway.

    “Ok, sure man. The more the merrier. Let’s go tear up the island.”

    A taxi pulled up and they all got in. They headed off into the night, to one of the most exclusive clubs in the tourist area of the island. This was going to be fun.

    Everyone could feel the excitement amongst each other, and Delores was beginning to have thoughts of a threesome. Something she hadn’t had in years.

    Both of these attractive, strong, young men could satisfy her needs tremendously. She just knew it, and hopefully Derek would agree.

    She was very horny and needed to get her rocks off. Yes, this was going to be pleasant indeed. She felt like a queen exploring the forbidden fruit of her man servants. Getting all the attention, and being serviced with a smile. Yes, indeed.

    Marcus had a feeling that he was going to get some of this beautiful mature woman. He was only twenty years old and had always wanted to experience an older woman.

    They seemed to know what they needed and he was very eager to learn how to please her. Yes, this was going to be a night to remember for him.

    They all talked and laughed as they headed to the club. When they arrived, Marcus did as he said and gave Derek half the fare. They locked arms with Delores and headed inside for a night of party bliss.

    People stared as the three of them walked by. Two very tall handsome young men and one beautiful female in the middle; men smiled and women frowned as they entered “Island Paradise.”

    The music blared and the drinks were flowing. Marcus knew the manager of the club and when he saw him, he requested the upper suite that looked over the dancefloor. His friend complied and led them to the VIP booth.

    Loving this and glad they decided to let Marcus come along both Derek and Delores followed them to the most beautiful elegant suite they had seen in a club. Not that they had never experienced VIP status, but that this place was rocking and everything seemed so laid back and mellow.

    The suite overlooked everything in the club and had its own private bar, bathroom and chef just in case they got hungry again. They doubted it but who knew how long they would be there.

    The place was open until dawn and there was plenty of time to work off everything they ate earlier.

    As they settled in the suite, drinking and laughing, Derek asked Delores if she wanted to dance. She said yes and they headed to the dancefloor.

    Marcus left the suite to find a partner as well. He found a nice young lady and they headed to the dancefloor too.

    Derek and Delores were watching each other looking into each other’s eyes, and sizing up each other’s bodies.

    They found each other very attractive and knew this was leading to a night of passion. When the slow song came on they held each other tightly, grinding their bodies together.

    Delores felt something big and hard against her thigh. It was enormous and she sort of jumped a little in fright, but her pussy had other ideas.

    It began to get very warm and wet as the hardness rubbed up against her. This brotha was very well endowed!

    “Damn! I hope he doesn’t hurt me with that thing!” she thought to herself. “I love huge dicks, but this one is enormous! But I want it, and I want it bad! This is going to be an exciting night indeed.” She smiled and snuggled closer to Derek.

    Derek felt her jump but then she relaxed. His dick had hardened when she rested her body on him. He knew why she jumped and was a little sad. But then she relaxed and held him tighter. This made him feel real good.

    He wanted her so bad, but didn’t want to frighten her away with the monstrosity that lay between his legs.

    He was self-conscious about the size of his manhood. Women run scared. He wished he could find one to settle down with and accept him as he was.

    He hoped that maybe if he made love to Delores she would leave her husband and spend her life with him.

    He wanted to make her happy in every way possible. He had the world to give her and she deserved it and more.

    He also hoped she felt the same way as he, and that their age difference wouldn’t be an issue.

    As the two of them were lost in their thoughts, they didn’t notice Marcus watching them on the dance floor.

    He was watching Delores’ body as she held it tight against Derek.

    He wasn’t sure how he could get them to understand that he wanted to be a part of their night together.

    He had always wanted an older woman, but did not know how to approach one. He had tried with a different tourist and was embarrassed by her.

    She wasn’t into younger men and let him know it in public. As humiliating as that was, he would not let it deter him from getting with Delores.

    When the song finished, Marcus let go of the young woman he was slow dancing with and joined up with the couple.

    Marcus ordered a round of drinks for the three of them and set out to convince them that a threesome would be a good thing to do.

    Delores excused herself to go to the ladies room which gave Marcus a chance to speak with Derek alone.

    He saw the way Derek looked into Delores’ eyes when she asked to be excused. He could also feel the heat rising between the two of them and knew he had better act quickly.

    “Hey man,” he begins. “I am having such a good time with the two of you that I don’t want the fun to end. How about we leave this place, the three of us, and go make our own party.

    Delores is having a blast as well and she may not mind it at all. What do you think? Do you think she will go for it?”

    Derek looks at Marcus and thinks, “I know what he is suggesting, but I am not sure if I want to share this morsel with him. I will play it cool and wait for Delores to come back. If she agrees then he will agree.”

    “I don’t know man. She seems like a pretty straight laced woman. She may not be into that sort of thing. Why don’t we wait until she returns and take it slow; see what it leads to.”

    “Sounds good to me,” Marcus says. “I wasn’t sure if you would want to share. I took you for a pretty straight laced person as well.”

    “Man I am not as straight laced as you think,” Derek laughed. “Hell, I love to play! The more the merrier!”

    Both men laughed at that and Derek ordered the next round of drinks. Delores returned and wondered what they both were laughing at.

    “What’s going on?” she asked curiously.

    “Oh we were just sitting here conversing about a few things,” Derek answered. “How are you feeling?”

    “I am feeling one hundred percent better than I was when I landed,” Delores answered back. “I am having so much fun with you two. I haven’t had this much fun in years. I want this night to last forever!”

    Both men looked surprised. They were not expecting her to answer that way. They looked at each other and smiled. Now was a good time for Marcus to ask her if she wanted to get away to a more private setting. Smoke some ganja and party all night.

    “Hey,” Marcus said. “We ordered another round of drinks. Let’s finish them up and head to my place on the beachfront. We can sit around, drink, smoke, listen to some good music and chill. What do you say?”

    Delores looked at Marcus and thought, “Damn! I wasn’t expecting to have a night like this with two young studs. I would be stupid not to take him up on his offer.

    I deserve to party all night, and to do it with two of the best looking men on the island so far…hell why not. But don’t act like you can’t wait to leave. It wouldn’t look to good. Let’s play this one cool.”

    “Let’s take our time and drink our drinks,” she answered. “I want to enjoy the noise just a bit longer if you don’t mind. I am having fun just sitting and talking with the two of you.

    Marcus you have been mingling with the crowd and I really haven’t had much time to learn more about you. Are you a native or a tourist?”

    “I am what you would call a transplant,” he answered. “I moved here from a small town in Florida about 2 years ago.

    I had come here on vacation and fell in love with the island. I decided to move here and work at a nice restaurant.

    I love meeting new people, and I love what I do for a living.”

    Delores looked at him and smiled. That was not what she was expecting and was quite impressed with Marcus.

    Right then she decided she would go with them to have some fun and enjoy the island night. She deserved to do what she wanted to do since it seemed her husband wasn’t very interested in what she did anymore. She was not going to dwell on that and ruin her fun. She pushed those thoughts out of her mind.

    “Yes,” she began. “Yes, I would love to go and party with the two of you. But first I would like to enjoy the club a little more. Oh, here are our drinks. Let’s party!!!”

    Derek smiled and looked at Marcus who smiled back. Oh hell yeah! This was going to be a fantastic night.

    They both couldn’t wait to get their hands and other parts on and in Delores. She was delectable and made them both hot just imagining what her mature body would look like without clothes on. They sipped their drinks…

  • Cougar Chronicles: Chapter 4 Jamaica Here I Come

    Photo by Nicky Pe on
    Adults Only 18+

    Delores’ plane landed in Jamaica around 3:00pm on a Saturday. She was stressed from the flight, and just wanted to get to her hotel and relax.

    Delores hurried through the airport and was glad that it was a short visit to customs. She struggled with her luggage almost dropping her purse in the process of trying to hail a taxi.

    A young man saw what was happening and headed over to give her some assistance. As she bent down trying to keep everything balanced, she felt someone grab her purse strap and push it back onto her shoulders.

    Looking up she saw a strikingly handsome young man standing there smiling as he finally got the strap snuggly back onto her shoulder. She smiled and managed to say thank you.

    “You are welcome,” the stranger answered and returned her smile. His voice was so deep and smooth that it made her begin to feel a little warm between her legs.

    She jumped as her pussy responded to his voice. He noticed her jump and became a little concerned.

    “Are you alright, Ms.?” he asked.

    Again her pussy twitched but she managed to keep the jumping at bay. She was a little embarrassed that the handsome stranger noticed her actions, but she managed to stay calm.

    “Yes,” she managed to get out. “I am fine, thanks. It is just that when I heard you speak with such a powerful and deep voice, it sort of startled me.” She had to lie, because she couldn’t be that forward about what happened.

    To her it wouldn’t be very lady like, but DAMN this man had a voice that could melt the coldest ice queen! And on top of that he was fine as hell! Oh yes, this was going to be a fantastic vacation indeed!

    “May I help you with your luggage?” he asked.

    “I don’t know,” she said. “I am not sure if it is safe for me to let you handle my bags. I am a stranger here and they tell us not to let our luggage out of our possession.”

    He laughed, “Ma’am, I am not here to rob you, nor am I here to put some things into your baggage. I just want to help a beautiful woman to her taxi, and to make sure you are not robbed or taken advantage of. Please, I insist.”

    Delores smiled at how polite he made that statement. He seemed nice enough, and he also didn’t have to help her. Hell, he could have just taken her purse and ran. But he didn’t.

    “Sure, ok,” she answered and handed him two pieces of her luggage. She had brought two large suitcases and two small ones. Those and her purse were difficult to carry altogether so she appreciated the help from the handsome stranger.

    The stranger walked along beside her, talking and laughing with her. She was truly intrigued by this man, and made up her mind that she wanted to get to know him better.

    He was tall and muscular, dark-skinned, and had a slight Jamaican accent. The young man also looked fabulous in his shirt and shorts.

    His chest was a little hairy; she could see the hairs because he had his shirt slightly open. This turned her on a little, and she felt the warmth between her legs. Her panties were a little wet as well.

    From behind she could see he had a nice firm ass that she could hold on to. Embarrassed with that thought she looked ahead of them and smiled.

    “You seem to have a smile on your face now,” he said, noticing her change of expression.

    “Yes, I do,” she replied looking into his eyes. They were dreamy and very intense.

    His sexuality was pouring out of his pores and this bothered her very pleasantly indeed. You don’t meet many men that exude sexuality, but when you do…you feel it.

    It is like an energy field entering your body and mind. It feels fantastic!

    As they approached the area where the taxis sat waiting for passengers, Delores turned to face the young man and asked him a question.

    “Excuse me, but I didn’t catch your name,” she said.

    The young man looked at her and smiled. This woman was fantastic, he thought.

    She is hot and sexy. She looked ageless to him and he couldn’t tell how old she was, but whatever her age is doesn’t matter.

    Derek loved older women, and this one had him hot and bothered. He could feel his massive organ stiffen, but he kept it well hidden.

    He learned at an early age that most women were frightened by the bulge in his pants and ran away when they saw it. This frustrated him, and he didn’t really like how big his manhood was.

    The ones that he did get into bed couldn’t take the thickness nor take the length and cried in pain upon entrance. They were young and didn’t know what it was to enjoy a massive dick like his. This one, however, he believed would welcome it with open legs.

    “I’m sorry,” he apologized. “That was so rude of me. My name is Derek Johnston. I am a native Jamaican, and also a well-travelled man.

    My job requires that I travel to visit my clients all over the world. I am self-employed as an advisor on technological innovations.

    I study new inventions, how they work, and what they can do for you to advance your business and keep you up-to-date on the latest.”

    “Wow!” she said. “Derek Johnston, that is a very interesting job indeed. My name is Delores Stephenson. I am so happy to make your acquaintance. I am a Corporate Manager for a major company back in the States.”

    Derek smiled at that because he loved a professional woman who strives to achieve success. This woman intrigued him, but he figured she was not into younger men.

    This made him sort of nervous inside because he wanted to ask her out for a drink after she settled into her hotel room. He did not want to be turned down; he frowned.

    “What’s wrong?” Delores asked, seeing his expression change.

    “Oh, it’s nothing,” he answered.

    “It has to be something for you to change your expression so quickly. Tell me what is bothering you, please?”

    “Ok, if you really want to know,” he said seriously. “I believe you are a nice woman, and love to have fun. I want to ask you out on a date tonight, but I don’t know if you would want to spend your evening with a young man like myself.”

    Delores was shocked! She wasn’t expecting this coming from the charming young man she just met. She had been wondering if he would want to be seen with an older woman.

    She was not old in any way shape or form. But she was around 20 years this young man’s senior, and didn’t believe he would go out with her. How ironic!

    “Derek,” she began. “I may be an older woman, but I love to have fun, so….if you want to spend your evening with an ‘older woman’ like myself, I would be very happy to accompany you to anywhere you’d like.”

    This made Derek relax and smile broadly! He truly was interested in knowing more about Ms. Stephenson. She was very attractive to him; slim, sexy, and had an ass he would love to get ahold of!

    “Ms. Stephenson, if I can call you Ms., I would be very pleased indeed if you would accompany me for dinner and a night on the town.

    Please, let me help you to your hotel. I can wait in the lobby until you are ready.”

    “How polite of you, Derek,” Delores said smiling. “That would be great indeed. Let’s get a taxi and head to my hotel. I am staying at the Island Inn Hotel on the beach.”

    Derek flagged a cab and when it stopped, he popped the trunk and put her bags into it. They got in the back of the cab and headed to Delores’ hotel.

    When they arrived Derek paid the driver which surprised Delores to no end and placed her luggage on the rack for the bellhop to wheel into the lobby.

    Delores was very enamored by this young man and when she checked in, she headed up to her room to get showered and changed.

    Wow! Delores was happy she had come on her vacation alone. She needed to get away from Daryl and all the tension that was ruining their once happy marriage.

    She didn’t want to dwell on that and quickly showered and changed into something sexy and fitting.

    The young man downstairs deserved a very sexy woman on his arms. He was so sweet and kind that she wanted to get to know him as much as he wanted to know her. This she was sure of. She finished putting on her make-up, grabbed her sandals and headed down to the lobby for her first night in Jamaica with Derek Johnston!!

  • Cougar Chronicles: Marriage Issues

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    Adults Only 18+

    Everyday, thoughts run through her mind about going somewhere to clear her head.

    Delores still loved Daryl very much, but she needed some time to think things over.

    She realized that sometimes you just have to step away from a situation and take a look at it from the outside. She also guessed this is what they called a mid-life crisis.

    Delores picked up the phone and dialed her travel agent. She decided she was going to go to Jamaica to spend some time in the sun.

    A vacation would be very good for her. To be able to relax on the beach, sipping drinks and looking out onto the ocean was the perfect medicine for her.

    After she hung up, she turned and walked into Daryl’s office to let him know that she was going to be away for a while; about 2 weeks to be exact.

    When she entered his office Daryl was where he always was lately. He was on his computer working as usual. He was not hard to find these days.

    Delores did not understand why he was this way now. Was it something she said? Was it something she did?

    She had been faithful to him for all of these years, and she did not suspect that he had been unfaithful to her, so what was wrong?

    “Daryl,” she said.

    Daryl looked up from his monitor and saw his lovely wife standing in front of him. He had forgotten how beautiful she was.

    She hadn’t changed much at all, but he had. He was not happy with himself. He had done some things that helped him in his career advancement that he dared not tell Delores about.

    She would truly despise him and he knew she would have left a long time ago if he had told her.

    In order for him to get his position as Executive Vice President for MerTell, Inc., Daryl had to do some dirty work for the CEO.

    He had to threaten the lives of certain people, extort money from others, and even sleep with the female heads of companies just to get their business.

    This pleased Mr. Jamison and he promoted Daryl to his current position. To Jamison it was just business, to Daryl it was just plain old stealing and infidelity.

    He couldn’t face his wife anymore and chose to become an introvert. He knew it would kill his marriage but he had broken his vows. Now, he was just a broken shell of a man.

    He looked at Delores and said, “Yes, dear?”

    “Baby, I came in here to let you know that I am going on a 2 week vacation to Jamaica,” she began. “I need time to think about where I want to be in the future.”

    “You’re going without me?” he asked curiously.

    “I have been here in this place ‘without you’, for the past 10 years!” she cried. “You never questioned that, so why question it now?”

    Daryl looked into his wife’s beautiful eyes and saw the pain and loneliness that resided within.

    He could not get upset with her, nor question anything she did. He was at fault on this one and knew eventually it would come to vacations alone. How could he explain to her that he wanted and needed to be with her after the things he had done?

    He had dug his grave when he decided he wanted to climb the ladder and succeed no matter what the cost. Now he was paying dearly for it and did not know how to correct the situation.

    He knew if he told her about the cheating she would walk out and never come back. He didn’t want to lose her, but what could he do to change it?

    He would think about it while she was gone. He had to figure out how to fix this mess. Yes, that was it! He would fix it and then they could be together forever. That was it! That is what he would do.

    He finally spoke.“You know, you are right. I have been neglecting you, and I apologize. All I have ever wanted to do was make you happy, and I have failed. Go on and enjoy yourself, baby. I will be here when you get back. We can work it out then, ok?”

    “Work out what? You never talk to me anymore! You are always here working! What is it that I have done to make you treat me this way, Daryl? What???”

    “Don’t worry about it, baby. We can work it out when you get back, ok?”

    “Why not now, before I go? Maybe if we talked about it, I wouldn’t have to leave to get my head together! You could come with me, and we could do like we did in the past.

    Make love until the sun rises, fuck on the beach, dance the night away…all that shit!”

    “I can’t, baby! There is something I need to take care of here. Go on and enjoy, ok?”

    Delores looked at Daryl quizzically. What had happened to the man she fell in love with? This is not the Daryl she knew.

    Something was bothering him, and he didn’t want to share it with her. She had tried many times to find out what it was, but he wouldn’t dare tell her.

    This hurt more than anything in the world. She knew it was over, and she wanted to know if it was something she said or did.

    Delores just turned and walked out of the room and went to pack for her trip. She couldn’t stand to see him that way, and the lack of communication was killing her inside.

    Tears streamed down her face as she prepared for her journey.

    Daryl watched as his wife left his office. He loved her deeply and he needed to correct this situation before she returned from her trip. He refused to lose the one woman that made his life complete.

    He would fight for his marriage, but first he had to take care of Brad Jamison before he blew the whistle on his marriage…

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